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Letter to Self

Dec 2 - Dec 13, 2020

Sonja Ferlov Mancoba

“Mor og barn” (Mother and Child), 1935

Black patinated bronze

H. 53 cm.

SHIN GALLERY is pleased to present an eclectic selection of work by Pablo Picasso, Joan Snyder, Paul Jenkins, Carla Prina, Sonja Mancoba Ferlov, Stephen Antonakos, Lars Erik Falk, Equipo 57, and Mohan Samant. Curated by Hong Gyu Shin, the exhibition journeys through the gallerist's youth and adulthood through toys, militaria, antiques, photographs, paintings, and sculptures. A heartfelt letter written in the third person is the entirety of the press release and aims to reflect the gallerist’s passion for collecting.

At a table,
sat a boy,
crafting World War II model kits.
He worked from dusk till dawn,
unaware of the passing time.
He was a creator
and a natural-born collector.

With a 30 cents allowance per week,
the boy saved up to buy Tazos disks –
items found in Cheetos bags.
He did not enjoy the junk food.
He only bought the Cheetos for the Tazos inside.

As he grew into his adolescence,
The teenager began collecting World War II German mess kits.
a popular dish during the war,
was soon mastered by the young man.
The era became his obsession.

He then collected toys and antiques,
which led to prints,
and paintings.

He enjoyed all art forms
and often traveled.
When he was home,
he invited friends to view his worldly collections.

At the age of twenty-three,
the young man opened an art gallery in New York City,
all while continuing his college education.

A space that began as an experiment,
turned into a lifestyle.
He strived to challenge audiences,
with inventive installations,
and wildly creative artists.

the man is thirty years old.
In this exhibition,
he wishes to share,
a glimpse inside his world,
and passion for unearthing the beauty in objects.

There is one message he would like to share:
The precious things we look for never change,
they simply wait for us nearby.