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Jun 29 - Aug 12, 2018

"A group of artists. As was the case of other groups of the time, their aim was to reinvigorate contemporary Spanish art. They worked especially in a geometric, abstract style."

SHIN GALLERY is pleased to present an exhibition featuring the Spanish artist group, Equipo 57. In 1957 Spanish art experienced a pivotal shift in its visual framework. In the wake of this change, Equipo 57 was formed in Paris, and was one of the first and most important groups to come out of this renewal. The founders include: Juan Cuenca (Puente Genil, Córdoba, 1934), Ángel Duarte (Aldeanueva del Camino, Cáceres, 1930-Sion, Suiza, 2007), José Duarte (Córdoba, 1928- Madrid, 2017), Agustín Ibarrola (Bilbao, 1930) and Juan Serrano (Córdoba, 1929). The group’s manifesto acted as a catalyst, triggering a modernized artistic consciousness within Spanish society.

The members of Equipo 57 each strongly believed art to be a driving force, capable of elevating Spain’s zeitgeist in the late 50’s. With Spain’s failed attempts to assimilate to globalization, Equipo 57 wanted art to play a similar role to Spain, the way the Bauhaus was theoretically intended to impact German society. Equipo, along with other Spanish artists, wanted to facilitate the narrative to further political and social development. Indeed, acknowledgment of their work continues to increase both at national and international levels. The members of Equipo 57 are an important reference for various generations of Spanish normative artists.

Their collective works were labeled as Radical Geometric Abstract Art. Equipo 57’s artistic concerns ranged from experimental cinema, to architecture, interior and industrial design; and not without painting and sculpture. The development of furniture holds an important place among their works as well, bringing simplicity and beauty to designs that only now are beginning to be common in creations. One of their most important contributions is the formulation of the Theory of the Interactivity of Plastic Space, developed in 1957, and applied in all their subsequent artistic production.

Equipo 57 showed theirs works at important public spaces in their time and in recognition of that trajectory MNCARS gave them their first important retrospective exhibition in 1993. Other exhibitions have followed that important show which have added to the understanding of one of the most enriching, interesting and original contributions of Spanish art to contemporaneity.

The group existed until 1962, although the official dissolution occurred in 1966 following the Berne (Switzerland) exhibition.