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May 4 - Jun 17, 2018

Shin Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition of artist J. PARK (Jongkyu Park, b. 1966). His signature style involves pixelating daily scenes or objects into abstract pictorial planes by using a digital computing system. The recent series “Encoding”, “Maze of Onlookers” and “Embodiment” reflect the artist’s mechanical and highly detailed artistic practice, while also showcasing his conceptual experiments with widely varied media, such as paintings, installations, photographs, videos and interactive art.

This exhibition displays a body of recent paintings and video installations. Through the framework of omnipresent technology, J.PARK’s work investigates the implications of mass surveillance, the boundary between virtual reality and physical reality, and how technology affects social order.

His renowned large-scale coded paintings that mimic binary code depict manipulations of enlarged pixels in arbitrary arrangements with repetition of dots and bars. J.PARK works by first digitally manipulating pixels on a computer, printing out wide adhesive sheets with this "coded" patterning, then attaching the adhesive sheet to a canvas. After removing the lines and dots from the sheet, PARK fills in the negative spaces with acrylic paint. His work’s clear influence from digital automata may induce feelings of isolation, perhaps even dehumanization, for the viewer, yet because PARK grounds his work in traditional art approaches – paint on canvas – he minimizes the esoteric quality of technology to reveal the progress of science and technology.

Born in Daegu, South Korea in 1966, J. PARK majored BFA in painting at Keimyung University and graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. He participated in numerous exhibitions including the Changwon International Sculpture Biennial, Changwon; Cian Art Museum in Yeongcheon, Korea; Triumph Gallery in Moscow, Russia; Daegu Art Museum in Daegu, Korea; National Centre of the Contemporary Art in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; Gwangju Biennale in Gwangju Korea; Fukuoka Museum of Modern Art, Japan; Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France.

His work is housed in many prominent private and public collections including the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Daegu Art Museum, Cian Art Museum in Yeongcheon, Gwangju Museum of Art, Samsung Group, and L'Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. The artist lives and works in Daegu, South Korea.