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Kippenberger to Abramović: Beyond the Frame

Jun 3 - Jul 27, 2024

Installation view of Beyond the Frame: The Tangible Echoes of Art at Shin Gallery, New York 2024

Shin Gallery is pleased to present “Beyond the Frame: The Tangible Echoes of Art”, an exhibition of works by Martin Kippenberger, Frank Stella, Wayne Nowack, Chris Burden, Marina Abramović, and Daniel Spoerri. With an emphasis on nontraditional materials, these artists break away from established conventions, expanding their work into the dimensions of both space and time. Employing various strategies, including wall-based pieces that physically engage with the space around them and those activated through performance, the artists in this exhibition interact with and engage the body of the viewer.

The exhibition reflects the diverse nature of these artists' work and their approaches to material exploration. They play with humor, confrontation, and materiality, sharing an interest in found or hand-built objects. This exhibition brings together artists who have a deep interest in the body, performance, and the intersection of art with everyday life. It underscores the artists' shared belief that art should transcend traditional boundaries. Notably, there are no conventional paintings in this exhibition; instead, the works variously reject the traditionally illusionistic space of the canvas.

While the artists in the exhibition share common themes and interests, they each employ distinctive methods to explore them. Martin Kippenberger utilizes unconventional materials and everyday objects, using humor, repetition, and appropriation to critique and satirize the art world. His experimental latex paintings emphasize the materiality of art and explore themes of fetishism, surface texture, and the intersection of high and low culture. Similarly, Frank Stella emphasizes the materiality of the painting as an object, famously stating, "What you see is what you see." He explores the materialization of space using honeycombed aluminum, blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

Daniel Spoerri extends his work beyond the confines of the wall by creating what he terms “snare-pictures.” Created by affixing the remnants of meals to a vertical surface, these pieces explore spontaneity, chance, and humor. Wayne Nowack, meanwhile, creates a surreal, exuberant scene inside a box filled with found objects like buttons, string, and fake flowers, blending emotional and material elements with a psychedelic twist.

Chris Burden employs an array of found objects to create playful yet sobering assemblage pieces, using children's toys to represent the dichotomy between innocence and the machinery of war. He explores themes of power and automation, blurring the lines between art and function while challenging perceptions of production and control. Marina Abramović, on the other hand, engages the viewer by inviting participants to follow specific instructions to engage in a meditative experience involving quartz, silence, and isolation, aiming to reach a higher state of consciousness.

The exhibition "Beyond the Frame: The Tangible Echoes of Art" brings together an eclectic group of artists united by their innovative use of materials and exploration of space within their work. By rejecting traditional painting and embracing performance, assemblage, and unconventional mediums, these artists challenge and expand the boundaries of art. Filled with humor, confrontation, and introspection, their work invites viewers to engage in new sensory experiences and reflect on the intricacies of everyday life.