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Evan Gilbert: Nest Unfolding in Light

Jan 19 - Feb 5, 2022

In this body of work, the subject matter resembles not only a human or humanoid body but also a cosmic form. The figures exist somewhere between a description of a cell's interior or a map of the cosmos. They are rarely fully visible, rather in a state of endless becoming, revealing or unfolding; a peripheral ghost image or even apparition that cannot be fully seen. They appear to dissolve into a resonant field and re-form as something else, mutating and transforming into an extension of the space and figures around them. Endlessly interlocking and influencing each other's shapes and intentions. The light sources radiate from within each figure and flow throughout their environment into a living nest structure. All of them are part of a larger network of lights with no central source.

The word “nest” connotes the image of some kind of structure created by an animal as a form of shelter, protection or home. It is a collage of objects found in the space it was built, its structure is a mirror of its environment. A nest may also refer to something undesirable, infested and ominous, something resembling a swarming hive more than a cozy home. In both cases, it’s a cluster of shared biology, life in a constant state of growth, movement and communication, the hum of a secret biological language born from within. The nest maker is never taught to build a nest, but born with the physical urge to do so. The nest is simultaneously separate and protected from its surroundings, while remaining a vulnerable reflection of the space in which it was created.